Health Plan Carrier Integration Powered by Health Expense

Sterling’s services for HSA accountholders and HRA and FSA participants include health plan carrier integration, making it easy to connect their health plan explanation of benefits (EOBs) with their HSA, HRA, or FSA account. With this service, accountholders and participants can view medical claims and make payments or reimburse themselves using funds available in their account. Employees get current and personal information to take control of their healthcare spending. Health Expense, our partner for carrier integration, powers the automated medical expense management system. It’s all integrated through the Sterling website and the employee’s personal HSA, HRA or FSA account.

Health Expense from Sterling Allows Employees to:

  • Manage medical claims information all in one place through the Sterling website by easily connecting their Sterling account with their health plan carrier EOB information.
  • Access their Sterling health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), and healthcare or dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) to identify available balances and choose to pay providers or reimburse expenses already paid (based on IRS rules regarding qualified expenses and which account pays first, if there is more than one account type).
  • Pay right away or select a future date for payment.
  • Choose the amount of payment or reimbursement up to what the claim allows.
  • Link to a dependent’s EOB information within HIPAA requirements.
  • Electronically keep records of receipts and other documentation related to medical claims, payments and reimbursements. All information is stored in an encrypted, secure database following HIPAA guidelines.

Easy Set-Up

It’s easy to set-up the Health Expense service following these simple steps:

  • Employers who have an HRA or FSA program through Sterling must “opt-in” for Health Expense before employees can sign up. There is a small per participant per month (pppm) charge. For employers with an HSA through Sterling, there is no additional fee and “opting-in” is not required.
  • Once employers with HRA or FSA programs through Sterling select the Health Expense service, employee participants will see a menu option “Connect to My Health Plan” when they log into their Sterling online account. They simply follow the steps to link their health plan account to their Sterling account by entering the health plan account login information (note that the health plan login and the Sterling login are not the same). Once the employee gets verification that the connection is established, they can start using the service.
  • The process for HSA accountholders with Sterling is the same as described above, but the “Connect to My Health Plan” option will appear automatically when they log in without the need for employers to “opt-in”.

For more information visit or contact your Sterling sales representative. You can also call Sterling customer service at 800-617-4729 or email