April 2016 Letter to Sterling HSA Accountholders

All Sterling HSA accountholders may now log on and view their quarterly statement. Simply log on to your account at www.sterlingadministration.com and click the “Statements” button.  If you have any questions about your statement, please contact customer service at 800.617.4729 or customer.service@sterlingadministration.com.

Reminders and Tips

Below we’ve provided a few housekeeping tips to ensure your account is up to date, and compliant with IRS regulations. Please review the below, and let us know if you have any questions or need help.

Review Your Annual Limits

For the calendar year 2016, the IRS guidelines allow you to contribute $3,350 if you are covered by an individual health plan and $6,750 if you have family coverage. You may contribute up to this maximum amount at any time during the year. Our fees are deducted monthly from your account balance and are not considered contributions toward the IRS allowed contribution limits. Remember that a minimum $20 balance must be kept in the account at all times.

Check Your Contribution Levels

If your employer is making contributions on your behalf, please note that the IRS contribution maximums are the combination of any contribution your employer makes and any contribution that you make.

If Applicable, Please Update Tier Changes

Please update your HSA information if you have moved from Single Medical Coverage to Family Medical Coverage, or Family Medical Coverage to Single Medical Coverage during your open enrollment.

Manage Your Account Online

The easiest way to manage your HSA account is online, with 24/7 access to make contributions, process claims and more, from your smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t already registered online, it’s quick and easy. If you have more than one type of account with Sterling, such as an FSA or HRA through your employer, you’ll only need to register once to have online access to all of your accounts.

  • Go to www.sterlingadministration.com
  • From the homepage, click “Register for Online Access” in the upper right area of the website and be directed to a short form accessible from the “Member” tab on the registration page.
  • Complete the form using your Sterling HSA account number, your social security number, and date of birth to create a username and password for your HSA account. You will receive an email confirmation to the email address you provide on the form letting you know your online account access is set up and ready to use.
  • Once your online account is set up and confirmed, go to www.sterlingadministration.com and enter your username. You will be prompted to answer 3 security questions, select a security image, and set up a security phrase. After setting up your security features, enter your password and connect to your personal account information.
  • On our website, you’ll find HSA forms and information to help you manage your account.Get Live Help
  • Sterling customer service is available Monday – Friday from 8am to 6pm Pacific time. Call: 800-617-4729; email: customer.service@sterlingadministration.com.