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Registration is easy, and there is no requirement to sell, nor any expectation of exclusivity. Just fill out the form below, and upload your W-9 so that when and if you sell our products or services to your clients, we know where to send your commission checks. We’ll also add you to our email and newsletter list, so you can get the latest on products, pricing and legislation. You can always unsubscribe. Plus, with our online broker portal you can log on and check your commission statements 24/7.

Thanks again, and welcome to Sterling’s Broker Network.

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To complete the process of joining Sterling’s Broker Network, please upload a current, signed and dated W-9 Form. This ensures that you will be paid commissions you’ve earned. To begin your secure file upload, download our fillable W-9 form, save the completed form, click the Browse button and find your saved file on your computer, once you click the submit form button at the bottom of the page your file will be securely submitted to Sterling. We can only accept PDF, JPG and PNG files.

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By creating your account online, you agree to accept Account Enrollment Documents in electronic format. The Account Enrollment Documents consist of the two (2) following documents: Electronic Access Agreement and Administrative Services Agreement. Important information in these documents will be provided to you online. If you wish to save the information provided, you will need to save it electronically to your computer or print it out yourself.

I certify that the information provided on this application is accurate. I understand that withholding of information or giving false information will result in a refusal of my application to become a Broker Partner with Sterling Administration.