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Sterling is all about services, not just consumer-directed accounts where our clients and their employees park their money. We help you understand how to spend it wisely. We make implementation fast and easy. And we make sure everything you do is in compliance with COBRA, ERISA, IRS and healthcare reform regulations.

We make the complex simple. We’re a one-stop shop. A dedicated account manager and experienced benefits team takes care of everything you need for quick, easy set up.

We come in your size. Our products and services are designed to scale for any business.

Our full suite of products includes HSA, HRA, FSA, POP, COBRA, ERISA Wrap, Form 5500 Filing, PPACA Compliance Services, and an online employer benefits enrollment platform called Benefit Solutions.

You have instant access to everything. Our online portal allows for easy integrated account management.

We're an independent, privately held administrator. This is what we do. It’s all that we do. Put us to work and let us make the complex simple for you.