Standard COBRA Services
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Sterling Health Services Administration offers a complete package of COBRA services for set-up and administration. We also offer optional services for an additional fee.


  • Work with former administrators to migrate QB information to Sterling, or provide a migration spreadsheet or individual forms to employers.
  • Mail COBRA information to current qualified beneficiaries, including premium payment coupons.


  • Prepare and mail the election package and enrollment form to each new qualified beneficiary.
  • Send separate election packages and enrollment forms to dependents, if necessary.
  • Track COBRA election timelines and election payments.
  • Issue HIPAA certificates to each qualified beneficiary.
  • Provide participants with premium payment coupons upon election of COBRA.


  • Receive and track all COBRA premiums in accordance with applicable grace periods.
  • Notify qualified beneficiaries of partial payments, returned checks and non-sufficient funds ACH drafts and appropriate conversion opportunities.
  • Mail Notice of Termination of COBRA continuation coverage to qualified beneficiaries upon voluntary or involuntary termination of COBRA.
  • Issue a HIPAA Certificate to each qualified beneficiary upon termination of COBRA.
  • Send the General COBRA Notice to new participants.
  • Provide online account access to qualified beneficiaries, allowing them to check the status of their payments and due dates.
  • Forward one check to the plan sponsor on a monthly basis representing all premiums received for the applicable month of coverage. Sterling will also offer electronic funds transfer (ACH) in lieu of checks, if preferred.
  • Provide detailed monthly reports of all COBRA activity to the plan sponsor and online account access to view reports at any time.