Sterling Services
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Sterling services help employers with hands-on plan set-up and administration, all delivered with our unique brand of high-touch customer service:

  • Employer needs assessment, FSA plan development and enrollment.
  • Plan document preparation and distribution, including the corporate resolution adopting the FSA, the adoption agreement, and the Summary Plan Description (SPD).
  • Participation in employee enrollment meetings to answer questions and help with the process.
  • Issuance of debit cards.
  • Healthcare expense claim review and payment of bills direct to providers or as reimbursement to the employee participant.
  • Carrier integration for auto reimbursement allows employees to connect their health plan explanation of benefits (EOBs) with their FSA account for an online, single-source view of medical claims and to make payments or reimburse themselves using funds available in their account. The service also allows participants to link to a dependent's EOB information (within HIPAA requirements) and electronically keep records of receipts and other documentation related to medical claims, payments and reimbursements. All information is stored in an encrypted, secure database following HIPAA guidelines.
  • Coordination of the Healthcare FSA with other plans (with proper documentation)
  • Prepare Form 5500 for FSA clients with 100 or more employees enrolled in the FSA. Prepare ERISA Wrap plan documents necessary for employers with large and small groups to comply with ERISA relating to their Welfare Benefit Plans. There is an additional fee for the ERISA Wrap and Form 5500 filing services.
  • Annual nondiscrimination testing to insure compliance.
  • Monthly reporting to employers and quarterly reporting to employee participants
  • Updates on industry trends and changes from our team of industry experts.
  • Money back guarantee of up to one year of monthly fees paid if our clients are dissatisfied with our service.
  • Personal customer service on the phone and via email.
  • Online access to account information.