Account Plans & Fees
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Sterling offers two competitively priced HRA plans and a myriad of services to support them. Employers can choose the Basic or Comprehensive Plan to set the reimbursement parameters for employees enrolled in the HRA. The Basic Plan reimburses for embedded deductibles, split percent plans, and bridge deductible plans. The Comprehensive Plan reimburses for expenses qualifying under IRS Section 213(d) and includes all qualified medical, dental and vision expenses.

Employers can also set up a stand-alone HRA that provides benefits only for dental and vision. This option allows employers to offer important benefits to employees but at a fixed dollar amount limited to what the employer chooses to fund.

Employers can also choose from several options to pay for and fund the HRA for their employees. These choices from Sterling provide maximum flexibility and control for employers. For details on HRA plans and pricing options from Sterling, contact a Sterling sales representative. For more information on our services, go to Sterling HRA Services.