HSA Plans for Individuals

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Choose from Three Account Plans

Sterling eSavings Plan – Our most economical and environmentally friendly approach to HSA administration. Sign up, make deposits and withdrawals, and receive reports all on-line in a paper free environment. Everything is done electronically. By choosing this option you incur the lowest monthly maintenance fees and self-manage everything online.

Sterling Value Plan – Offers a menu approach to select the services most important to you. Sterling accountholders pay fees on a per service basis.

Sterling Standard Plan – Our most complete range of administrative services for a monthly fee. Our services include a review of insurance company Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and payment of medical bills to your healthcare providers or as reimbursement to you.

Core Services Sterling eSavings Plan* Sterling Value Plan* Sterling Standard Plan*
Account Set-Up $5.00 (one time charge) $25/$15 (one time charge) hard copy/electronic $25/$15 (one time charge) hard copy/electronic
Account Management Fee $2.50 per month $2.50 per month $8.75 per month
Debit Card Usage $1.50 per transaction $1.50 per transaction Included
Debit Card Issuance $5.00 for 2 cards $5.00 for 2 cards Included
Medical Bill Paying by Sterling fax or email $5.00 per transaction $5.00 per transaction Included
Contribution by Electronic Payroll Deduction Self-service online Included Included
Distributions "eChecks" by website online banking Self-service online Included Included
* All fees listed are per account. Group discounts may apply. Other fees may apply beyond the core services listed above. See Additional Account Terms